June Letters

Alberta's election, a view from Quebec
No travel in the forest / no fires!
Military helicopters fighting forest fires? Why not?
Improving confidence in the medical complaints system
Ask your MP to support Electoral Reform
Lefebvre on Conservative thought

May Letters

Crosswalk lights?
New research on dementia
Plea to the Mayor, City Councillors, planners and developers
Stephen Harper & the Moonies
The CBC and Liberalism - reply to Mr. McCauley
Linguistic Task Force targets Quebec MPs
Liberals back Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform
Strong sustainable jobs legislation
Urban forests : start now
Aylmer's 50+ recreational tournament
Inaccuracies about D'Arcy McGee School #1
A reply: In defence of D'Arcy McGee
Reply: facts about D'Arcy McGee High
Corrections needed for D'Arcy McGee letter
Ransomware attacks
Thank you to editorialist Ian Barrett
Best of Aylmer: is the Bulletin!
Canadian Party of Quebec calls on feds to disallow Bill 96
Hello, 21st century! The CBC.
Only half-measures by the federal government?
To our friends across the Outaouais
Preservation of the 100-year old Deschênes Dam
Reduce emissions, but also upgrade building efficiencies
Protect yourself
International aid
Reply to Temchuk on "liberalism"
National long-term care standards -- enforced!

April Letters

Is this Age-ism?
New online news site
Stop anti-larvae spraying in our marshes!
Chalk River dump still threatens Aylmer, Gatineau, Ottawa
Letters to the Editor Guidelines:
City-planning without conspiracy-building?
Vanier Road development: Gatineau Council MIA!
Retiring school board head
Say your piece: Letters to the Editor
La Verendrye is losing moose
CAQ's Tax cuts?
Ice storm
Bravo Hydro-Quebec #1 
Bravo Hydro-Quebec #2
Champlain Bridge
Do developers plan the city, or does the city?
Are federal MPs spreading the Bomb?
More storms ... more power line protection needed
Tramway study discredited
Supporting CBC?
If you can't convince them, abuse them?
Inflation : rigging the casino?
"Nuclear Is Not the Alternative!" Week
Cancellation of Québec's third line - one dedicated to public transit
Action against overdoses & a new report
Spring = more forest fires

March Letters

Open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on minority language rights
New website, nice work team Bulletin
Call for Canada Health Act to be afforded to Quebecers as well
Pesticide control in Gatineau: a tough choice
Heartwarming news on a cold  wet day
Salt on roads great for ice-melting, damaging to animals
Bad roads in Aylmer
Remembering Wayne Owens
Health care front: battle to preserve the integrity of Canada

February Letters

Suicide Prevention Week Feb 5- Feb 11
Alcohol vs. Vaccination 

Supreme Court asked to rule on Notwithstanding Clause  
Disinformation has won: Assault weapons amendments withdrawn     

Odorous question around town

Our driving culture gives us
Parking at Broad-Thomas

Our energy transition is inevitable, justice is not 

Fund-raising for the Aylmer Heritage Association

Alcohol vs vaccination. When the science doesn't suit us ... ? 

Alcohol vs. vaccinations:  When the science doesn't suit, we question it?  (Part 2)
Climate Cafes!
Is Canada's
Fossil fuels are ending

Green jobs from a Just Transition
A good deed by a good teen!

Car insurance comparisons
Abomination, my reply
Save the Aylmer lumber yard
The new Canada Disability Benefit
Is our media ours?
Reply to Mr Nelly's
National pharmacare ... this year!
Spy balloons? Or drumming up war-fever?
Heartbreaking sketchbook spotlights family separation
Chelsea acts: keeping its bilingual status
This grandfather sets the record straight ...
Is this the future of election debates?
Yes! to JRF's haiku
You're doing what!
In response to Robert Hunstle and his son
Ontario's public healthcare 
Getting kids outside!
Tramways need a new transit bridge
The Bulletin brings world home

January Letters

Open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Proposal to ease family doctor shortage

La Verendrye is losing moose
New gun control faces disinfo camapign

Banning wood fires during smog (Translated)
Influencers claim 9-5 jobs are repulsive?

Pessimism is counter-productive, but easy
Against acknowledging the Indigenous presence in Canada?

Housing issue high

Big Brothers, Big Sisters
The worst of Bill 96 is happening
 Ukraine face-off: USA vs Russia

December Letters

Thanks,  Bulletin!
Dear Santa
Employer-dependent despite Influencers claiming 9-5 Is repulsive?
Crown lands have belonged to indigenous nations
A contrarian view of climate change and its causes
Land Acknowledgement is critical and correct
 Energy Action Plan lacks Indigenous-led energy projects
Citizens' roundtable on the Outaouais housing crisis
Cooperation  produces results
Trees and people
Citizen forces can unite to change their city
International gab-fests accomplish little, generate so much 'hot air'
Emergency Powers hearings

November Letters

Aylmer United Church's final service
Mass shootings in the US
 Thanks for keeping media alive
Social media and its critics
Bill C-245 and Canada's climate crisis

Castel Blanc project

October Letters

Whataboutism #3 Historical wrongdoings
The Big Question?
Canada's non-policy on radioactive waste
Roundtable with the Green Party leadership candidates
Become a Connexions Board Member!
When are Legault's tax cuts coming?
Volunteer Opportunities?
Immigration, not a one way street
More on Greedflation
Canada,  from constitutional monarchy to constitutional democracy
Our housing crisis, November 5
We need a non-partisan National Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform
Privatisation of health care?
Marijuana still criminalized
Redistribution would strip rural Pontiac of its voting power
Overcoming the ecological crisis : public transit (1)
Aylmer's 175th:
Garage sale thief at work

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